Pro Tip: Use a Discount or Coupon Code at the Checkout

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.17.34 PMLook at how cute that baby is. Do you want to be that happy ever again in your life? We’ll then you’re probably going to want to use a discount or coupon code when you are buying online and check out.

I was recently at my grandmothers house and she was doing a lot of online shopping for Christmas. I wanted to let her know that there was a way that I could save her money. I could save her money by being able to show her place to be able to get discount and coupon codes.

This can be awesome because then she could save some money. In the end who doesn’t like to save money.

When I asked her why she didn’t always do this she said that she didn’t even think about it. But she said that every time she goes to grocery store she’s always checking the coupons of the newspaper before hand. She couldn’t believe that she had never thought to do this online.

We started to evaluate the difference reasons why she might not be into looking up coupons online like at We both came to the conclusion that she probably just didn’t think of it because it’s a very different environment. When you have a different environment it is much more likely of just being in a different environment. Typical of us to not act naturally if we are not used to environment that we are in.

Like for example when I grew up it was very common of me to not play as good when we would visit opposing team stadium. This is because it was a different environment and fans were screaming at us in our face. The same goes for professional athletes all the time. Is very common for teams to lose when they go on the road. They just aren’t used to that environment and therefore they don’t play as well.

Final Thoughts?

Ummm.. Use a discount code so that you can save money..It’s that freaking simple!!

Here’s some discounts I recently used. – 50% off Brazzers. Awesome deal which you should capitalize on!